Ansible and Automation...

Ansible and Automation...

Kshitiz Saini

Published on Dec 29, 2020

3 min read

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Ansible is an Open-Source IT Automation Engine which is used to automate application deployment, infrastructure automation, cloud provisioning and many IT services. Ansible improves the scalability, consistency & reliability of the IT environment.


Automation is the application of technology, programs, processes to achieve outcomes with minimal human input.

Use-Case of Automation

1. Automation not only helps IT industries but also provides benefits to virtually all of industry. Automation crosses all functions within industry from installation, integration, and maintenance to design, procurement, and management. Automation even reaches into the marketing and sales functions of these industries.

2. Automation involves a very broad range of technologies including robotics and expert systems, telemetry and communications, electro-optics, Cybersecurity, process measurement and control, sensors, wireless applications, systems integration, test measurement, and many, many more.

Ansible Tower


Ansible Tower is a web-based solution that makes Ansible even more easy to use for IT teams of all kinds. It’s designed to be the hub for all of your automation tasks.

Tower allows you to control access to who can access what, even allowing sharing of SSH credentials without someone being able to transfer those credentials. Inventory can be graphically managed or synced with a wide variety of cloud sources. It logs all of your jobs, integrates well with LDAP, and has an amazing browsable REST API. Command line tools are available for easy integration with Jenkins as well. Provisioning callbacks provide great support for auto scaling topologies.

Ansibble Tower Facts

  1. We can integrate both using a Job Template, creating a different python virtual environment in our ansible cloud.

  2. Ansible Tower can help to launch playbooks to run simultaneously.

  3. Ansible tower can also be used for GitOps and ChatOps functionality.

  4. Credential types in ansible tower can be used for adding most clouds like oracle, Digital Ocean, IBM Cloud etc.

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